liyafan82 commented on a change in pull request #2027:

File path: core/src/main/java/org/apache/calcite/util/graph/
@@ -102,41 +99,28 @@ public int size() {
   public static class FrozenGraph<V, E extends DefaultEdge> {
     private final DefaultDirectedGraph<V, E> graph;
-    private final Map<Pair<V, V>, List<V>> shortestPaths;
+    private final Map<Pair<V, V>, int[]> shortestDistances;
     /** Creates a frozen graph as a copy of another graph. */
     FrozenGraph(DefaultDirectedGraph<V, E> graph,
-        Map<Pair<V, V>, List<V>> shortestPaths) {
+        Map<Pair<V, V>, int[]> shortestDistances) {
       this.graph = graph;
-      this.shortestPaths = shortestPaths;
+      this.shortestDistances = shortestDistances;
-     * Returns an iterator of all paths between two nodes, shortest first.
+     * Returns an iterator of all paths between two nodes,
+     * in non-decreasing order of path lengths.

Review comment:
       Thanks a lot for your careful review.
   It seems there is a minor difference between increasing and non-decreasing 
order. A sequence is said to be in increasing order, if 
   a0 < a1 < ... < an
   It is said to be in non-decreasing order, if
   a0 <= a1 <= ... <= an
   For paths between two nodes in a graph, it is possible that there are 
multiple paths with the same length. So the sequence of path lengths should be 
in non-decreasing order. What do you think

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