rhtyd commented on issue #3180: savepassword.sh crashes router when starting 
many VMs at once
URL: https://github.com/apache/cloudstack/issues/3180#issuecomment-463723561
   What you've shared is the old password script and old mechanism. For 
kvm/xenserver/vmware now the password saving is handled by python based 
   Here it does not blindly try to curl and save password by using a curl, but 
only to relevant running passwd_server_ip.py processes and ip/subnets (see code 
above). This, however, does not clear out any saved password, which is instead 
done by the client (guest VM) that should send a `saved_password` request which 
will remove the password and replace password saved in VR's password cache file 
with the string `saved_password`. In case of multi-tier VPCs etc, the password 
server can run on different subnets and therefore by historic design the 
password server needs to listen on each of the guest network/tiers, and the 
retrieve/save is done by interface.
   The password server in 4.5 was process based and not scalable as it used 
file-based locks and forking mechanism. The 4.6-4.11+ password server is 
multi-threaded (not multi-process) and uses in-memory locks (not file based 
locks), the last time I benchmarked it, it beat the 4.5 version which is why we 
moved to python based password server. This was introduced in 
   In 4.11, the configurations are persistent on the VR. That is once the VR is 
patched, it does not lose the configuration even if it may get restarted. What 
you've shared does not check with the design, however, we can investigate 
possible bottlenecks and cases that may be causing side-effects in the VR.

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