rhtyd commented on issue #3180: savepassword.sh crashes router when starting 
many VMs at once
URL: https://github.com/apache/cloudstack/issues/3180#issuecomment-463977451
   From ab/benchmarking point of view, the default VR offering has a single 
core and limited RAM (256MB). It may be increased for the network to remedy 
networks where high VM start/stop throughputs are necessay so the VR can handle 
multi-process curl/password-saving workloads. 
   To simulate 100VM starts with 10Vms requests concurrent, here are the 
   # time xargs -I % -P 10 curl --header "DomU_Request: save_password" -F "ip=" -F "password=alskfdj" -F 
"token=6ef12f18f97d25cafac7305afa7ead10" < <(printf '%s\n' {1..100})
   real 0m10.631s
   user 0m0.796s
   sys  0m0.260s
   And in another test with 100 concurrent requests and for upto 1000VMs:
   root@r-4-VM:~# time xargs -I % -P 100 curl --header "DomU_Request: 
save_password" -F "ip=" -F "password=alskfdj" -F 
"token=6ef12f18f97d25cafac7305afa7ead10" < <(printf '%s\n' {1..1000})
   real 0m16.411s
   user 0m8.440s
   sys  0m2.580s
   I tried other permutations and combinations, but couldn't make the 4.11.2 VR 
crash. The obvious bottleneck discovered is to avoid forking of curl to make 
the http request, which in future could be done by the python code as well 
(multi-threaded than multi-process). I've opened a ticket to track future 
enhancement to the password server and configure.py: 

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