areusch commented on a change in pull request #5417:

File path: python/tvm/micro/device/arm/
@@ -36,23 +55,41 @@ def create_micro_lib(obj_path, src_path, lib_type, 
     options : Optional[List[str]]
         additional options to pass to GCC
+    lib_src_paths : Optional[List[str]]
+        TODO
     if options is None:
         options = []
+    else:
+        options = list(options)
     options += [
-        "-mcpu=cortex-m7",
-        "-mlittle-endian",
-        "-mfloat-abi=hard",
-        "-mfpu=fpv5-sp-d16",
-        "-mthumb",
-        "-gdwarf-5",
+        # TODO(weberlo): make a debug flag
+        '-O2',
+        '-march=armv7e-m',
+        '-mcpu=cortex-m7',
+        '-mlittle-endian',
+        '-mfloat-abi=hard',
+        '-mfpu=fpv5-sp-d16',
+        '-mthumb',
+        '-ffast-math',
+        '-gdwarf-5',
+        '-DARM_MATH_CM7',
+        '-D__FPU_PRESENT=1U',
+        '-DARM_MATH_DSP',
+        '-Wno-unused-variable',

Review comment:
       these are in the generated GEMM code. for example:
error: unused variable \'arg1_code\' [-Werror=unused-variable]`
   it would be nice if we did not need to include this, but i'm hoping we can 
merge this PR as-is and incrementally improve things like this (especially 
since I didn't author most of the code generation stuff and will need a bit of 
time to understand how to improve it to remove errors like this). the next PR 
will look at the generated code more in detail, so if it's a quick fix, I can 
fix  it then.

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