> On Aug 8, 2017, at 12:36 AM, Akira Ajisaka <aajis...@apache.org> wrote:
> Now I'm okay with not creating another repo.
> I'm thinking the following procedures may work:
> 1. Create ./asf-site directory
> 2. Add the content of https://github.com/elek/hadoop-site-proposal to the 
> directory
> 3. Generate web pages and push them to asf-site branch
> 4. Create a CI job to run 3. automatically when ./asf-site directory is 
> changed

        Yup.  To be more specific on the Jenkins part:

        MultiSCM build. Build should be set to poll SCM, probably @daily or 
equally reasonable.

        first SCM: clone hadoop/trunk to one dir
        second SCM: clone hadoop/asf-site to another dir

        (Letting Jenkins manage those dirs takes quite a bit of the work out of 

        Run a (modified?) form of create-release so that you get an exact 
replica of what a released site looks like.

        Take site tarball and unpack it into asf-site/.../trunk (or current? or 

        build main site then commit back to asf-site

        commit an empty commit to asf-site to work around  INFRA-10751.  
Recommend comment be the git hash of the current hadoop/trunk

        FWIW, what we do in Yetus is we actually have the src for the main 
yetus site as part of our source tree.  It gets built as part of the release.
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