I’ve now read this document over several times…. And having been involved in 
AfriNIC for so long – there are a few observations

Firstly – what’s contained in here is allegations – and allegations that while 
serious have not been proven in any way.  I do not believe though that anyone 
is in a position to judge the substance or lack thereof of what this contains 
from this document alone.
Secondly – With these allegations becoming public – and because of the 
potential reputational harm to AfriNIC – I do believe (and its just an opinion) 
that they warrant an investigation – and I honestly believe that said 
investigation to have _any_ credibility would have to be done entirely 
externally by a non-biased third party.
Thirdly – I would argue that the outcome of said investigation, while in normal 
situations in a normal corporate, would be dealt with internally, in this case 
should be published – in entirety.  The only reason I argue this is that, as 
members with allegations such as these being made that impact the reputation of 
_our_ organisation, I think this community has a right to answers.
Forth – The board has several choices to make here in my opinion

  1.  Ignore it and say nothing – I do not believe that is an option at this 
point – section 3.4.vii of the AfriNIC bylaws states: To disseminate among its 
members information on all matters affecting the Company and its members and to 
provide for and be a central channel of communication for the members of the 
Company and generally for the furtherance and promotion of their interests
     *   In the case above, I would argue that that an issue such as the one 
raised is very definitely a matter that could have material effect on the 
company, particularly in light of the fact that the individual seemingly making 
these allegations states they are asking for compensation – which would 
presumably be financial
  2.  Conduct a full investigation using an entirely external third party and 
resolve the matter – I would argue as I have above that in the interests of the 
transparency which we aspire to,  such a report should be public
  3.  Considering these allegations have now been made public – there is the 
option of testing them in a court of law and potentially suing for defamation 
(I’m not saying this is a good idea and I have no idea the legal implications 
of it)
  4.  The affected individuals could resign and call it a day – though for me 
personally – the only time that option would be acceptable would be in the case 
of the allegations being proven rather than exactly what they are right now – 
unproven allegations

But I will say – without an investigation and a proper report with proper 
findings conducted by an external party – I think it would be deeply premature 
of this community to judge in the absence of far stronger evidence than one 
document that is comprised of third hand information and allegations.  I also 
however believe that the board has a duty to the members and this community to 
respond in the face of allegations which could have material effect on the 

Let us see what comes from an investigation – then let us judge – and again – 
let me be crystal clear- I am making no assumptions in saying this – and I am 
not defending any party or casting any blame.


From: kaweshe sichali []
Sent: 13 March 2018 15:48
Subject: [Community-Discuss] No Update from AFRINIC HR and Administration since 

Damola and wide community,
a lot of mess in the organization, time for the community and members too be 
concerned. document attached will show the community the cabal who seat on the 
afrinic board and are failing and interfering in the organization. sex 
harassment, threats and embarrassments of staff and witchhunt by members of 
board. some board member make advanced to women staff. sunday folayani, hyttam, 
and patrice and entire cabal must resign. ceo overtaken by cabal and cant make 
own decisions as cabal from board run organisation. even some board members 
from nigeria are now contracted to do work afrinic projects conflict of 

investigation must be open. read attached document. afrinic chairman  and 
member of his cabal must resign immediately. they are a shame and will harass 
and frustrate female employees.

stay tuned

PS: dont bother to find who is kaweshe.

On Wed, Mar 7, 2018 at 8:35 PM, damola olajide 
<<>> wrote:

I have read the report on<>.
There is neither the mentioning of turnover nor the reasons for departures of 
staffs in the report.
For example AFRINIC is current recruiting a PR and Marketing Manager as 
advertised on<>.
If Mr Yavisht Toolseeya gave plausible and complete explanations in his report, 
today this job opening would be justifiable.

Damola Olajide
Network & Security Engineer
Lagos, Nigeria

On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 8:40 PM, damola olajide 
<<>> wrote:

According to<>,
 there have been a fall in the turnover from 2010 to 2015 with a spike in 2014.

The reason for departures are for better opportunities according to page 11 of 
the PDF.

I searched for the recent Afrinic meeting reports on the Afrinic website since 
days and noticed that there is no report as such as from 2016 till today.

From the Afrinic website, we can see that the HR and Administration department 
has grown, but it is hard to make an assessment of its efficiency as there are 
no reports available recently.

Shall the HR department (Mr Yavisht Toolseeya) submit a report for 2018 on the 
next Afrinic meeting, the Afrinic community will be able to make a diligent 
assessment of the situation !


Damola Olajide
Network & Security Engineer
Lagos, Nigeria
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