The election was run and winner declared. Majority of votes cast to have none 
of the candidates join the board.

The AGMM has now closed with no board members being elected.

Neither of the losing candidates have challenged the elections, but they are  
free to do so if they wish.

But I lived through a disputed election last year here in Kenya, the long limbo 
period of the dispute was not good for the nation. The result of the election 
was the same at the end of the day, except the productivity of the nation was 
low, and there was national division and this went on for more than 6 months.

I don’t think Afrinic needs more of division than it has already. And ways to 
unite and move forwards need to be considered.

N’est-ce pas?


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On 17 May 2018, at 12:36, Noah <<>> wrote:

On Thu, 17 May 2018, 12:15 p.m. Mark Elkins, 
<<>> wrote:

I disagree with your first paragraph. I was a Board Member when "None of the 
Above" was introduced. I was also often on NomCom. The simple idea behind "None 
of the Above" is simply that - None of the above - that's everyone (natural 
persons) listed on that ballot. It's not just for the case where there is only 
one name on the ballot.


I acknowledge your experience but for this one, I beg to differ because the 
text in the bylaws is very crystal clear.

This is a mistake imho and more clarification is sought as we cant deny a 
candidate the win based on precidence yet the rules say otherwise.

May we get the opinion of legal as his clarification is important.

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