On Sat, 2004-11-20 at 18:08, Noel J. Bergman wrote:
> William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> > The only result (if proved true) is the complete loss of faith
> > in any form of electronic voting by the general public for at
> > least the next 20 years.
> You're kidding, right?  Is there anyone here who has faith in unauditable
> systems?  Electronic voting, at least as "practiced" here in the USA, is a
> farce, and a disaster either waiting to happen, or already happening.  And
> this story isn't even strictly about electronic voting.  It is about the
> deliberate destruction of whatever audit records do exist to validate the
> results of an election.  I am in favor of any (legal) cluestick large enough
> to embarrass State and Federal gov'ts into sufficient action to ensure that
> the results of elections are what the public actually voted.

I trust the dutch electronic voting system. Besides technical problems
(when we locally introduced electronic voting, we were the last city to
deliver our voting results), it works like this :
- When you want to vote, you bring your passport (or any other valid ID)
and your voting card.
- Your passport will be checked together with your voting card, your
name is called, so other voting booth staff can hear it too and your
name will be manually "checked" (by means of a pen).
- The voting machine is released, so that person can vote. Ones voted,
the machine is automatically locked again, so no one can cast more than
1 vote or the number of allowed votes.
- After voting booth closes, a printout is made with the voting results.
- The number of people from the paper list will be counted and compared
with the printout.
- If there are any problems, they will try to find where the problem is.
(manually go through all the voting cards and checked people). If still
in error, the memory card with the electronic voting results will be
checked). Don't know what happens when that also has an error. 
- If all is ok, the printout will be signed by the voting booth staff.
- This paper is used as the official voting result, the electronic
version will be stored for some specific time, but in normal
circumstances will never be looked at again (unless there are errors of
some kind).

Sounds pretty safe, except when there is an electronic malfunction, it
could be that some votes will be lost.


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