Keep working and make sure people know about your project. You can only attract 
devs by a) having something of value to then and b) ensuring they know about 
it. It takes effort and patience.

Identify the most common use case for your code (today that is whatever keeps 
you involved), write a tutorial, blog, tweet, present, demo. Improve support 
for the use case, update tutorial, blog, tweet, demo etc. Rinse and repeat.

One last thing, talk to yourself. That is tell the community (that is any 
lurkers) what you are doing, why and how. Ask for input, testing, 
contributions. It might feel like a waste of time if there is never a response, 
but one day there might be.

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Hi  Folks,

community@ is the orrect place for this question.

What do we* do when we have low level activity, low level community, generally 
speaking low level anything on a project?

marketing :-) Make other committers interested in your project, e.g. by having 
a nice homepage, where it is easy to see how the reader can help your project 
and if there are projects related to your project, mail a polite question on 
their ML.

jan I. 

I am NOT talking about the attic.

I am committed to ensuring the project is NOT going to the attic.


* in the collective sense. Your, I, Us, Etc.


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