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Hi  Folks,
community@ is the orrect place for this question.
What do we* do when we have low level activity, low level community, generally speaking low level anything on a project?
I am NOT talking about the attic.
I am committed to ensuring the project is NOT going to the attic.

* in the collective sense. Your, I, Us, Etc.

Although the answers you received from the board perspective ("low level activity is fine") is correct, strictly speaking, from the perspective of the ASF, the larger question is one which consumes many books, websites, and conferences. Indeed many projects employ a full-time Community Manager to answer the question.

Ross's answer has many of the elements of the day-to-day job of a community manager, or one that is shared by the whole community when you don't have someone to do it full time.

Encourage people to blog about what they do on the project - even the mundane things. What seems every-day to a project developer may be what a beginner needs to get more involved. It doesn't have to be something new and amazing, but just a daily chore or how to install or how to do the *normal* things done by your project.

Be sure you answer the "what does it do" question thoroughly, including user stories of how people use it.

Tweet about it when you do a new release, a new feature, a new event, or whatever. Get the word out. /cc @theASF on the tweet, so that more of us see it and retweet it. Email the users@ list about every new development. Be excited about things and it will be catching.

Find other people talking about your project and encourage them to come talk about it at ApacheCon, on your mailing lists, on your Twitter, on Facebook.

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