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> Hi  Folks,
> community@ is the orrect place for this question.
> What do we* do when we have low level activity, low level community,
> generally speaking low level anything on a project?

Other ideas worth exploring (I'm not sure what kind of project you talk
* ensure that parts of the project worth separate use are packaged
separately, so that people can feel compelled to use, and improve/maintain,
them. Again, you need to publisize them
* See if your project have "reinvented wheels", i.e. parts that can be
easily replaced with off the shelf components and that are adding no value
(say a template engine with no special value, present because of historical
reasons). If this is the case, maintenance can be simplified by
substituting them with well-maintained components


> I am NOT talking about the attic.
> I am committed to ensuring the project is NOT going to the attic.
> Lewis
> * in the collective sense. Your, I, Us, Etc.
> --
> *Lewis*

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