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> On Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 2:24 AM, David Welton <dav...@dedasys.com> wrote:
> > Closest I've seen in the 'free' area is licensing that forbids military
> > uses.
> Which is, once again, neither 'free software' nor open source because
> it goes against the definition.  You can't have it both ways: you
> can't exclude people from using it because they are military, gay,
> Illinois nazis, Alaskan women, Liechtensteiners or whatever else you
> happen to dislike.
> I'm with you, Jake.

But I would like to keep the line exactly there - near what is generally seen 
as some sort of denial/exclusion to groups of _people_ based on some form of 
_prejudice_. As that follows the various legal systems, interpretation of the 
constitution or whatever in most countries (and almost certainly the 
contemporary interpretation of those).

Excluding certain types of use, certain institutions or other ‚non people’ 
things is just as undesirable. 

But I think the situation around this is a bit more complex there - and I 
think, we, as a community, should cut developers a bit more slack. As there you 
run into the issue that local laws, legislation and regulation. Which can force 
developers in specific communities to be cautious for certain areas. A well 
known one is software used in nuclear installations; others are medical (in 
quite a few countries), military (in very few) and aviation (decreasingly the 


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