My question is this: 
say I buy a freerunner, but decide to switch to AT&T as my provider (as I plan 
to do in the near future), will they not hit me with a contract agreement 
anyway? Isn't that how you get the cheapest minute/plans? If thats the case, 
then yeah, it looks like the iPhone is cheaper for my situation. If you already 
have a mobile plan and do not intend to switch, then the freerunner is the way 
to go. . .

just my 2 cents. 

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Robert Taylor wrote:
> Please, compare equal things.
> Why are you posting nonsense here?

Rob, I'm not the one who posted the original article, and I take offense 
to you saying that my thoughts are 'nonsense' -- that sort of attitude 
isn't helpful to anybody.

In a previous post, you said:
> The iPhone is godawful expensive no matter how you slice it.

In another, you said:
> The iPhone is AT LEAST twice as expensive as the Moko.

We're not talking about what's subsidized and what's not. We're 
comparing "how much money have I paid out of my pocket after two years" 
to compare a 2-year contract requirement versus owning a Freerunner.

While I'm not trying to encourage any bitter feelings whatsoever, I'm 
curious how you calculated the iPhone costs twice as much as the 
Freerunner when you look at the bottom line of how many dollars you've 
spent after two years. Please elaborate on your calculations.


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