I plan on using my phone in VOIP mode as often as possible.  Since I use 
my phone most often at home, I'm hoping I'll be able to use far fewer 
minutes per month than normal.  That's when the pay-as-you-go SIM plan 
starts to really pay off - I don't have to pay for an artificial minimum 
of minutes that I won't use.  When I run out of minutes, I just buy 
more.  If I only talk on VOIP during the month, that's zero cost. 

Also, I hear that AT&T is charging 10$ more per month for iphones over 
their normal plan fees, and even more if you are a business user.  So 
for a two year contract thats 240$.  And if you stay with AT&T after 
that, you keep paying that same premium on into the future too.  If 
you're like me and you keep your smartphones for 4+ years, then that 
would be more like 480$ over the 199 initial outlay. 

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