This is what seems to happen for me on 2007.2 on the Oz vodafone
network.  Sent an sms (didnt ask for rx) to the phone after it had been
in dim&lock for a couple of hours.  No indication of message  - phone
didnt wakeup.  On actually waking phone, by pressing pwr button some 10
minutes after sending the sms, the message received ring sounded as the
display became live.

As sms reception did wakeup the phone at some point, a bug has been
introduced somewhere that needs tracking down.


On Thu, 2008-08-07 at 15:09 -0400, Bruce Adams wrote:
> I've had the impression, on other phones, that the GSM network could 
> successfully deliver a message into the SIM card inside my phone, but if 
> the phone software was too distracted to hear the initial notification 
> from the SIM card about the new message, the phone wouldn't notice the 
> message until another message came along or something else happened 
> (such as rebooting the phone) that caused the phone to look for messages 
> on the SIM.
> Is there a way to actively interrogate the SIM card for a list of 
> messages (instead of waiting around for a new message notification)?
> - Bruce
> P.S. I have to admit I have zero depth of knowledge about SMS, GSM or 
> SIM cards.
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