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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| yes i am loosing my partition table every couple of day. very annoying! i
| cant trust anymore my data beeing secure on the openmoko.
| i have a sandisk 8gb class4 sdhc card with one ext3 partition.
| i hope there will be a fix soon, but i'm loosing hope :(

Hey don't lose hope.  There are two issues.  First is just some big
cards are too slow to respond at default 16MHz clock with Glamo 16-bit
clock count timeout counter.  See this


Suspend / resume (partition overwrite is only a suspend / resume issue)
has been fundamentally broken on GTA02 since before I got here last
December, it didn't work at all until a series of deathmatches with it.
~ The biggest deathmatch of all to clean and fix it is going on at the
minute on 2.6.26 branch here and it exposed the biggest underlying
problem for us which is Glamo behaviours.  Assuming I kill it before it
kills me, we will have a far less racy and more complete suspend and
resume ordering situation then.

Other projects using Linux also have that problem of partition overwrite
on resume, but I suspect resume ordering and racing is behind their
problems too.  When we clear that in the 2.6.26 branch we stand a chance
to synthesize random or moving delays in resume action and try to flush
out where it comes from.

- -Andy
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