Ok, to clarify some of the questions in the followups, some additional
info, some of it could also be found here: 

also with some different tweaks to settings, but the same controls.

These .state files are files where mixersettings for alsa are stored in.
These .state files are stored at /usr/share/openmoko/scenarios.
These .state files have specified names and are loaded at specified

For example gsmhandset.state is loaded every time you start make/receive
a phone call without a headset plugged in. (gsmheadset.state gets loaded
when you make/receive a phone call with headset plugged) Don't exactly
know what the others are for, maybe the is some info on the wiki.

Adjusting this settings with a GUI (e.g. alsamixer) _only_ works when a
phone call is actively running and is lost when the call ends. In order
to store them and use them on every call, you have to manually edit
gsmhandset.state in the directory specified above. (do this by ssh to
the phone) 
In my opinion alsamixer is pretty unuseable with the
freerunner as it shuffles aroud between the .state files in /scenarios
all the time and overwrites your changed settings.

Answers to specific questions:
1. As for hearing the other person, it was quite a quiet environment and
tested with one phone on the one and the other on the other ear. But it
sounded loud enough for me. Will do a test outside today. May be
necessary to tweak the settings, but should be good values to start
with. Maybe also Hardware depending.

2. The state file is loaded aka refreshed on beginning of every
phonecall without a headset

Ok, i hope i haven't forgotten anything, don't hesitate to ask :)

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