Andreas Zuber wrote:
> I hope this gets fixed in the stable branch now. My tweak link list grows 
> every day.
> To OpenMoko.. is there a way to help you with the distribution? I don't like 
> the idea of a personal repository for hotfixes like this, i think this should 
> go directly to the official repo's. May be we can use git in a clever way to 
> minimize the work you have with the integration of such changes. 

Some of our developers are buried trying to keep up with new and old bug 
reports. Each one needs to be verified, checked for duplication, checked 
for whether it's been solved, and this is all before any real bug fixing 
takes place.

I don't want to speak for those developers, but I wonder if the 
community can help us with some of these tasks. I know that one of our 
main developers said that he spent some 30% of his time on this.

This would free up developer time to work on getting fixes into the distro.


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