Sry, but saying alsamixer is unuseable was a damn ugly lie ^^

In fact it is extremely helpfull to experiment with the settings while a
phone call is active and the other person can tell you if it get's

1. SSH into the Phone (Info about that on the wiki)
2. start alsamixer.
Make a call to someone (you notice all controls change, thats when
the gsmhandset.state file is loaded) - fiddle around with the mentioned
settings until you have what you want.
3. exit alsamixer
4. call 'alsactl store -f gsmhandsetnew.state'
5. you can now diff the files and do whatever you want ^^
6. If you want to apply them for every call just rename
gsmhandsetnew.state to gsmhandset.state and backup the old file.

The controls have the same names within alsamixer, just without the
Volume if a recall correctly. The only thing i couldn't find in
alsamixer was Mic2 Capture Volume, but i'm quite sure i just didn't
look for it enough.

rgds Daniel

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