Ilja O. wrote:
> I've received Freerunner and istalled testing daily build today.
> Same error here.
> Also, it's nice that no package depends on 
> qtopia-phone-x11-composer-emailcomposer, 
> qtopia-phone-x11-composer-genericcomposer, 
> qtopia-phone-x11-composer-mmscomposer, 
> qtopia-phone-x11-viewer-genericviewer, 
> qtopia-phone-x11-viewer-smilviewer. At least not qtopia mail and dialer. 
> It was truly linux-way quest to discover theese application (caller and 
> mailer) need in those libraries.
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did you update any package? or just flash with a testing daily build?
this image 

also, you can use ssh to Freerunner and type 'logread', it would display 
all log information. Try to find 'AT+COPS=0' command, and check what CME 
error code you get.


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