I found the new fso milestone and tried it out on my Neo 1973.
Here is what i think of it.

I used the 2008.2 (GTK) build before.

First of all, i like that it bases on illume. Illume as a WM is gorgeous.
I managed to crash enlightenment some time, but it works very well and 
was never unable to recover itself.

Zhone works well, but it's hideous. The integrated apps approach does 
not work any more in a window managed environment. And the UI is clunky.

But nice work on the back end, it works perfect. I think i never had 
basic phone functionality this stable.
On demand GPS works great too. Finally a solution that does not suck.

And launch time of Zhone is terrible. You are essentially unable to 
accept calls unless you have Zhone runnng all the time. When you launch 
Zhone when a call comes in it is launched the peer or the net has 
already droped the call.

The switchable Illume keyboard works great too.

Now some Bugs:
Differenciating between suspend and shutdown is terribely hard. I almost 
never get the thing to sleep because i fear i would press power too long 
and shut it down. What happens quite often never the less.
(But suspend itself seems to be working great. Finally i do not fear 
that something would not work after suspend)

If i shut it down by pressing the power button long, it ussually 
indicates shutdown (nice animation btw) but then goes into suspend. Both 
events suspend and shudown where triggered.
Then i have to press power again to wake it up to let it finish shutdown.

Zhone screen lock is useless. (Illume has it's own)

When i change icon sizes for the top shelf i never get it to look the 
same as it did before. And it crashes very often. (rm -r .e/ helps *g*)

The power save settings seem to be useless. Aftr i change anything there 
i can only prevent my phone from sleeping by pressing buttons. Taping 
the screen does not wake it up.

Taping the screen powers the display on even if the screen is locked.
I think this wastes battery because the locked phone will always backlit 
  the screen if you have it i your pocket.
But maybe it is right to seperate between locking and suspend. Not so 
sure... Maybe this remark is stupid.

Zhone does not show german umlauts correctly in SMS and it does not 
concatenate big messages composed of multiple messages.

And now some remarks on what i like to change or what i'm missing.

I like the Tichy concept of having pythons apps running as plugins in 
one python runtime.
I always expected it to be something like a app launcher that executes 
python modules rather than calling stand allonw apps.
But tichy as it is is useless. Combining all apps into one screen does 
not help, we have window management.
The GUI design does not strike me as good either.
The all in one concept is just wrong in my eyes. Great idea, but done wrong.
I don't want to have my phone work nearly as like tichy works.

I like to have some native apps like the GTK PIM apps back.
They where really well made, usefull and useable.

I like to have a home screen on the desktop like the GTK home app.
This was really a great concept. i like to see that come back.
I think this would be a easy job for a desklet...

Especially important would be a dialer app that starts quickly. (maybe 
living in a applet all the time)
The GTK dialer would be a great template. ;-)

And i would say it is time for some gui guidelines for new world etk, 
efl apps.
We have a great looking environment, now let's define how apps should 
look. And pleas don't make them look like qtopia, Zhone or tichy.
I have some ideas for that too. But i whink we need some experimenting 
Is there already some movement into finding the new way to interact with 
the UI?

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