Am Freitag, den 12.09.2008, 12:24 +0200 schrieb Tilman Baumann:
> Differenciating between suspend and shutdown is terribely hard. I almost 
> never get the thing to sleep because i fear i would press power too long 
> and shut it down. What happens quite often never the less.
> If i shut it down by pressing the power button long, it ussually 
> indicates shutdown (nice animation btw) but then goes into suspend. Both 
> events suspend and shudown where triggered.
> Then i have to press power again to wake it up to let it finish shutdown.

I have just created a patch that gives zhone visual feedback when

This will, in that order highlight four bars on the screen: “keep
pressed”, “let go”, “suspending” and “waking up”. They are highlighted
when the user pushes down POWER, when he has pushed it for one second,
when he releases it in time and when the phone wakes up.
This also has the effect that keeping it pressed for more than three
seconds it will _not_ suspend, as to not interfere with a shutdown or
restart triggered by the Altr-Ctrl-Del sent this way.

I’ll soon submit that for inclusion, so maybe that problem will be
resolved as well.

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