Tilman Baumann wrote:
> Zhone works well, but it's hideous. The integrated apps approach does 
> not work any more in a window managed environment. And the UI is clunky.
strange, I think that zhone is *gorgeous*, and I don't find it clunky at 
all! IMHO it's *very* pretty, and runs nicely - in terms of speed I 
think it's almost on par with qtopia - it's certainly much faster and 
less clunky than 2008.8. If I could just figure out how to change 
zhone's wallpaper...

the only problem I have with zhone is missing features, such as an 
internal PIM database - at present it only uses contacts stored in the 
sim card. Also the fact that you can only send sms's to existing 
contacts , and can't just type in a phone number. If it wasn't for these 
couple of things I'd be happy to use FSO3 as my primary distribution. 
(yes, I know, be patient, zhone is only a 'test gui', and this stuff is 

On the whole though I think it's great!


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