Believe me or not: A fresh new Makefile in a correct ~moko home.

$ make setup
$ make setup-machine-freerunner

Edit build/conf/local.conf

MACHINE = "x86"
DISTRO = "openmoko"
BUILD_ARCH = "i686"
INHERIT += " devshell"

$ make image

does the unable to open local.conf error.

Add INHERIT += " rm_work" and this will work. As I don't yet understand 
all of the toolchain and building process, I can't explain why!

I can't show now as I added the INHERIT += " rm_work" and I'm building 
an image.

Best regards, Didier.

Rod Whitby wrote:
> Didier "Ptitjes" wrote:
>> I just noticed that this behavior only occurs when building for the 
>> "x86" machine. I say this if this can help to identify the problem.
> Do you mean x86 as a host, or x86 as a target.  x86 as a target is not
> supported, and x86 as a host is what everyone uses, so you can assume that
> that works.
>> BTW the makefile process is great. I used Gentoo daily so I like it. I 
>> would suggest to add a "x/n" numbering for packages selected to be 
>> build, as does emerge.
> MokoMakefile just sets up an environment and then calls bitbake.  Numbering
> of packages selected to be built is the domain of bitbake.
> -- Rod
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