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> 2008/10/9 Carsten Gerlach <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > Am Donnerstag 09. Oktober 2008 9:36:26 am schrieb Christ van Willegen:
> > >
> > > this morning, I pulled the FR adapter out of the (230 VAC) socket, and
> > > accidentally touched one of the prongs. I experienced a short shock.
> >
> > I can confirm that. I had the same "feeling" this morning, too.
> >
> I got a shock when I unplugged the FR adapter because the
> Europlug-USplug-adapter didn't stay in place. The latch holding it in place
> was loose and my fingers touched the USplug while the Euro-End was still in
> the wall outlet. This is my explanation for getting a shock, even though I
> did not (want to) reproduce this. (also note the above posters names seem
> European)
> Some tape fixes this hardware bug.

I don't know if we are talking about the same Europlug-USplug-adapter;
I've checked mine and if the Europlug is connected to the wall outlet
and you open the latch which holds together the charger (with US contacts)
and pull downwards the charger, the UC contacts are coming out of the
Europlug, but before you could touch them with the finger, theu're
already away from the electrical parts of the Europlug...
maybe with a blade of a knife you could reach the US contacts before
going away from the electrical parts of the Europlug;


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