To add my two pence-worth about the joke comment -

I have a very high tolerance to stuff not working. or not working smoothly.
Most of my computers are broken in some way at any given time. However, when
forced to rely on it for a month, even I got annoyed with the freerunner
running OM software.

It really needs work on the basics. I mean, responsiveness is not there,
interface is dodgy (the "end call" button being in the same spot as the
"accept call" button, and being unresponsive, made me hang up soooo many
calls). Echo on calls, battery life...

Also, I know everyone loves X, but is it really the best choice for a low
powered device that needs a responsive UI?

Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is that whilst I love the ideals, it's
basically become a toy rather than a phone, until such time as android is
available. And I feel really bad for saying that because I so want a small,
community involved, properly open platform to be a reality, and I know you
guys are doing a lot of work, it's just not ready for prime-time yet. I
think maybe I had the wrong impression about the state of the software when
I bought it.
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