Hi Wolfgang,

i really appreciate the work you and all the OM-folks and the community does, 

> You say the current software is a 'joke', which is painful for me but
> I accept it. From where we all want to be it's a joke, yes. Agreed.

Well, for me, the software is not a joke. It's a little bit "special", but i 
can mostly live with that, somehow and i accept it, knowing it is still 
not "production ready".
What really is a joke and absolutly unacceptable for me is the Buzzing and 
even more of a joke is the fact that the OM-folks doesn't recognize this as 
an absolute 100% Showstopper for GTA02, 03 and whatever comes next. (by 
Showstopper i mean the immediate stop of mass production until buzzing is 

Please go on and find the source and the solution of this Buzzing ASAP and 
show us how we can fix it. It's your only chance to avoid theses Issues in 
GTA03 and its successors.

As soon as this happens, much more guys will accept it as a (practially) 
usable phone, more guys will contribute, more companys might recognize this 
as a an attractive platform.

But as long as the GTA-Hardware doesn't match ANY 5$-Cellphone on ebay on its 
very built purpose (to make and recieve a phonecall..) OM or Freerunner will 
have very little chance of surving the Year of 2009.

So please fix this buzzing issue..


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