On Sun, 18 Jan 2009 09:18:56 -0500, "kris Occhipinti"
> Well, I have Hackable1 installed on my Freerunner as well,
> and I thought it would work on that no problem after installing
> python-pygame.
> But, after installing pygame (apt-get install python-pygame)
> I tried to run it and I got an error message:
> open /dev/sequencer or /dev/snd/seq: No such file or directory
> The program doesn't crash, it keeps going, just with no sound.
> Which, makes the app useless.
> I'll play with it to day and see if I can get it going on Hackable1
> and if I can it should run on Debain as well.

On Debian it's the very same error message you get, so any update on this


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