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> ...
> i understand that this is when you run system from sd card. i run
> system from NAND and for that i need to edit the boot environment
> I had flashed u-boot back but would love to use qi again as it can start
> the neo on a short pwr press, has no logo and is faster...

Not sure I understood what you wanted correctly, so please don't hesitate to
ask again - but if you want to use Qi to boot from NAND the procedure is the
same as from SD-Card:

- setup your /boot directory (in NAND!) with the Qi specific files
uImage-GTA02.bin (needed), append-GTA02 (optional) and noboot-GTA02 (you
don't want that) exactly as you would for an SD-Card partition
- then power up normally
- if you have Qi set up for any of the first 3 partitions on SD-Card they
would first be booted : Therefore press AUX just after the FR vibrates once
for every partition you want to skip, then as a final resort NAND will be
tried. Or, put noboot-GTA02 to skip automatically wherever appropriate.


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