> Openmoko (the company) doesn't have any responsibility to be open to the
> community.

to be "open to the community" is at the core of their business model --  
and, what's more, it accounts for a huge part of their customer base.

> Look at what happens every time a hardware-related (ie. gta03) post
> occurs on this list: there is a very strong split between people who
> want mutually-exclusive features, followed by a lot of arguing about
> which is better, when it really comes down to a matter of preference
> (the resistive vs. capacitive argument reminds me a lot of the
> stereotypical vim vs. emacs comparison which is guaranteed to start a
> flamewar on any LUG mailing list).

well, how are they (om) supposed to know, what their customers want?

and you certainly cannot stop people from arguing about specific features  
-- even users of totally closed hardware do.
question is: how much has the discussion in the community to influence  
actual decisions inside openmoko.

so far, i didn't see anyone being adamant that his/her demands have to be  
accepted by om.

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