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> With Paroli in particular I can't see it being such a big deal to size
> the window so it can be used with Illume.  At least for right now,
> until more time can be dedicated to whatever mysterious way we'll
> eventually use to switch back and forth can be implemented.

actually if they wanted to stay fullscreen - they could. just reauest
fullscreen mode and it will be.. fullscreen - wm will just be in the
background. as long as they provide some way in paroli to:

1. exit paroli (quit)
2. self-iconify (minimize) (which basically will take you back to previous

its that simple. you can have both then. when in paroli - it's fullscreen like
a "game" - takes over the ui. when flipped out of it to other x apps, wm,
launcher etc. - it just lurks in the bg as a process with a hidden window you
can flip to by:

1. selecting from applist
2. flip forward/back by app flippers
3. select "paroli" icon and if the .desktop file and window have all the right
properties - e will happily just flip to the paroli window instantly without
running it again.

this is all perfectly possible and in fact dead simple to do. it just requires
providing the #1 and/or #2 buttons/menus as above.

(nb - power button is lost when in illume/e - by default its a keybinding for e
for the "sys" popup with can suspend/power off and even close the current
window or "go home" as kind of a universal "my fullscreen app has just hung and
locked my ui - please rescue me!" button. as such if paroli wants to rely on
that feature of a wm (lets say you used some other wm like matchbox etc. - it
may not have this thus #1 and/or #2 above), then it even has to do NOTHING but
open its window AND request fullscreen on start (trivial 1 more function call
if using EFL), and provide the .desktop file so selecting the paroli icon flips
to paroli (and the right properites - maybe 1 or 2 more function calls here).

not telling anyone what to do - just saying that it is possible in this case to
have your cake, and eat it too - with incredibly trivial/little effort. it's a
little surprising that it wasn't done this way from the start just to retain
portability and support for everything else at the same time. :)

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