2009/3/13 Eldon Koyle <eko...@gmail.com>:
> contributors).  They have goals they are trying to accomplish -- like
> finally getting a usable software stack for a phone.  They also have to
> make money somewhere.

i think you got those the wrong way round

> If by saving the effort of communicating with everyone who thinks it
> should be their business is allowing them to spend more time making a
> usable set of applications, more power to them.  They are still giving
> you the source, and if you don't like something I'm sure patches are quite
> welcome.

true, but they can't have it both ways. if they say, 'we want input
from the community' on something or other, the likelihood of
disagreement/flames/arguments etc. goes up. then they either can
ignore them, which isn't great when they're asking people for help -
people will soon stop helping if they're being ignored at critical
points - or follow up on all the arguments, and continue with the 'we
listen to the community' mantra.

everything has a cost

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