Sean, thanks for the update !

It is unfortunate that Openmoko Inc. cannot presently continue to
lead the development of the open phone. But then, many a great
undertaking has required more than one effort before reaching its
goal. Anything that brings us closer to that goal is a success in
itself, and the value of previous achievements is often only
appreciated in the light of the final result.

I'm very glad that Openmoko Inc. has not only brought the vision of
the ubiquituous open phone this much closer to its realization, but
that you are also willing to help us to ease the transition from a
project centered around a single company to a true community effort.

In the name of the gta02-core project, I'm particularly grateful to
you and the board for supporting this effort with further material
and components. This will be critical for enabling us to open up the
engineering process with our moderate resources.

Alright, I think we all have a lot of work lined up for the future.
I hope we'll all have the opportunity to envy each other's before
too long ! :-)

- Werner

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