On Fri, Jun 5, 2009 at 9:00 PM, Boris Wong<lists.bo...@bshed.com> wrote:
> Steve Mosher wrote:
>> 1. Its a mobile Phone First, and a multi purpose platform secondarily
> I actually like the perspective of #1 very much and you should keep it
> as such.
> Free the phone; we already have multi-purpose platform devices that run
> linux.

I'm totally on-board with this message, vision and mission.  The
problem is--after all this time, that vision remains unfulfilled.  My
biggest disappointment has been the fact that my Openmoko Freerunner
(which I've had since helping form the Austin buying group) is still
not _nearly_ as reliable as any cheap simple handset I can get for 10%
of the cost.  The Freerunner had (has?) great potential, but we
couldn't realize that potential without basic reliable functionality.
If the concerted efforts of many talented (in some cases even paid)
engineers couldn't achieve that basic milestone, it seems unlikely
that it will be achieved by a loosely-organized group of unpaid (and
demoralized) volunteers.

I truly hope I'm wrong--and I applaud the efforts of those who
continue to strive for this goal.  I also want to express my thanks
for the efforts of all those who have worked so long and hard trying
to achieve this vision.

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