Ok, I feel I have to say this now:

Guys, you *cannot* take my proposal and expect it to look cute when you
re-size and fit them in a phone window, there's a reason this is a mock-up.
I think all areas in my proposal are more than readable, have you compared
to android or iphone for instance? I don't want to start a flamewar here,
but people are really jumping up over my mock-ups, expecting them to be more
than they are.

Also, I belive this is not exactly something that a theme should handle! For
instance font-sizes should imho be adjustable by the app, not locked to a

Now, when this is said, step 1 is finished and I am now moving on to the
second step, providing vectorised variants of elements that will be used.

I am really happy about all the awesome feedback this has gotten, and that
people have shown interest in moving it to the next level.

Look for new ML post when I got more stuff finished.
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