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Fox Mulder <quakem...@gmx.net> wrote:

> So if something should be changed, than it should be tangogps and
> allother apps that uses png files to use a vector format like navit
> does which is way better for this purpose.

Yes, and the earth is flat too ;-)

As it was already pointed out in this thread navit uses vector data and
tangogps uses bitmap data.

Vector data allows for calculation of a route. As long as you use only
very basic data it is more space efficient. If you add terrain data
like opencyclemap[1] or maps-for-free[2] then you have quickly many
times more data and on-the-fly rendering on an embedded device becomes

Using bitmap data means it is fast because you only need to display data
while a fast computer has been doing a nice rendering.

Another example: in Italy there is currently the import of houses going
on, i.e. you get a good idea of the streets with the bitmaps while you
get emptiness with the vector data[3].

tangogps is far superior in speed, quality of maps and choice of maps.
However in-car navigation is currently not its purpose. But for hiking
or cycling it offers much better map data.



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