This means that it is preview and not releasable yet. I know what it free
software - but it is up to author, when he makes releases. And if he makes
it at all. This is only to know, that it is not sleeping.

So please don't be fidgety - I have spent on this 7 months, every day 2-3
hours, many times to late night (to 2 am) and I can thank god I have so
lovely family to allow that. This is true for other my projects too. Why
don't I buy navigation for 200 bucks instead of spending my rare time that
would cost by the way my employer thousands? With no donations and no
gratitude. Anyway, I should slow down...

Neil Jerram wrote:
> 2010/1/3 Mike Crash <>:
>> Happy new year everyone!
>> If you want to look at progress, here is first version of MC Navi:
> This is nice news, but what is it with the "sorry, no source code yet"
> thing?
> Mike, I don't actually mean to complain at you in particular.  It
> seems to me that a lot of people write something like that, especially
> with their early releases.  I just don't understand why, and I'm
> afraid that your post has pushed me over the edge into saying
> something about it.  Do people not know what Free Software means?
> (Plus it's not hard to find a way of hosting source code...)
> Regards,
>        Neil
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