Hi.. (and merry christmas)

> > On Thu, Dec 24, 2009 at 3:31 AM, Thomas Zimmermann <m...@vdm-design.de>
> wrote:
> > > So is someone out there who owns a handsfree, car or sth else that
> > > supports showing contacts and/or missed calls over bluetooth?
> I think so too, PBAP is a special protocol developed form the automotion 
> industrie, primarly for buildin handsfree (as far as i understood).
> So i think the same as you, but i found someone that has such an device.
> So he 
> can try it for me :)

I am very interested in this, too.. I've wanted to get my FR to connect to my 
bmw car system ever since I got it.. and it always played up, didn't want to 
talk to the car at all.. FR was happy with the BT connect but my radio was 
still asking for data (IIRC, the error codes that the FR BT stack gave was that 
it got a PBAP request which it just simply dropped due to lack of support).. So 
a connection never ever got properly established.. :(

I'll be back home and able to test things on the 3rd of January..


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