Am Freitag 25 Dezember 2009 17:53:43 schrieb Thomas Franck:
> I am very interested in this, too.. I've wanted to get my FR to connect to
>  my bmw car system ever since I got it.. and it always played up, didn't
>  want to talk to the car at all.. FR was happy with the BT connect but my
>  radio was still asking for data (IIRC, the error codes that the FR BT
>  stack gave was that it got a PBAP request which it just simply dropped due
>  to lack of support).. So a connection never ever got properly
>  established.. :(
> I'll be back home and able to test things on the 3rd of January..
> Cheers,

That's great. The first test resulted in a crash of the PBAP plugin, so i've to 
look at this.
Will tell you if i have an new version, but i will wait till the new year 
before i do some more on this.


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