Am Montag 04 Januar 2010 11:12:11 schrieb Thomas Franck:
> Happy New Year!

Happy New Year :)

> I'm back home.. well.. at work now..
> What do I have to prepare in order to test your plugin?

I think it's not working, because i implemented just 1 of the 3 calls. And it 
seems the other 2 are more often used :)
I will do the other too this week. But if you want you can try the current 

But i think sth more is needed. We need an bluetooth agent that knows about 
obexd. Perhaps simple-agent does.

then obexd needs to be started with -p option, the /etc/dbus-1/services config 
file doesn't do that in my current version, so you have to add that option 

> Cheers,

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