2010/1/5 Viktor Lindberg <l...@leth.yi.org>:
> The Open Source Movement have instead choosen to abandom the ethical
> principle of freedom and only promote the use of Open Source software
> that might not be libre (free as in freedom), which is not the same
> idea as the Free Software movement has. [...] Not just open for anyone to 
> examine as is the case with Open
> Source.

FWIW, that is not my understanding.  I believe that the practical
requirements of Open Source and Free Software are mostly identical.
The difference is one of philosophical emphasis: the Open Source
movement chooses to emphasize practical and tangible benefits from
using and working on their projects, whereas the Free Software
movement emphasizes freedom, even if it means working in the short
term with an inferior product.

I hope that's useful to someone (and correct!) ...


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