> I think you're now confusing free software with freeware. Free
> software app has to be open source (but not in opposite way -
>  freeware and open source apps not always are free software)

since when and who made that decision?
for all i know, the line goes between open source and free.
open source has not to be free and free has not to be open source.

to signify what you have in mind, the term foss was coined. and just the  
need to add "f" signifies that free is not open source per se (and vice  
versa of course).

> Remember, in "free software" term free means freedom, not free beer
> (as in freeware) :P

that is only _one_ meaning.
as human language goes, the very same word might have a lot of meanings --  
depending on context, speaker, time or place.

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