2010/1/3 Mike Crash <m...@mikecrash.com>:
> This means that it is preview and not releasable yet.

This makes no sense.  How can the binary be releasable, but the source code not?

> I know what it free
> software - but it is up to author, when he makes releases. And if he makes
> it at all.

I agree that it is completely your choice when, whether and what to
release.  But you should not claim that your project is free software
if you do not release the source code.

To be fair, I don't know if you _have_ ever claimed that your project
is free software.  I basically just assume that everyone on this list
is intending to follow the conventions of free software - perhaps
that's a bad assumption on my part.

> This is only to know, that it is not sleeping.

That is appreciated, thanks!

> So please don't be fidgety - I have spent on this 7 months, every day 2-3
> hours, many times to late night (to 2 am) and I can thank god I have so
> lovely family to allow that. This is true for other my projects too. Why
> don't I buy navigation for 200 bucks instead of spending my rare time that
> would cost by the way my employer thousands?

Understood; I think we all know these feelings...  Personally I'm
afraid I can no longer manage to work at that kind of intensity, but I
fondly remember the days when I could and did.

And, I really believe that releasing the source code could help you
and your project!

> With no donations and no
> gratitude.

Those are bad reasons for working on free software, of course, but I
would guess that you didn't really mean them...?

> Anyway, I should slow down...

Not because of my comment, I hope!

Best wishes,

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