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Vasco Névoa <vasco.ne...@sapo.pt> wrote:

> Hi Marcus and all others.
> Is there a way to remove or make smaller the speed indicator (big 
> numbers) on tangogps?

I'll make that configurable in one of the next versions of tangoGPS.

> I find it very irritating and it does cover a large portion of the
> screen...

That is due to a suboptimal dpi setting of your screen. The fact that
the screen is physically 285dpi does not mean that the Xserver has to
be set to this value - I guess nobody is professionally using the Neo
as a CAD front end. 

For a normal user the right size is a mix between screen dpi and
distance of the screen to the eye. The Freerunner's screen dpi is very
high but you will roughly hold it half an arm length away from your
eyes while your desktop monitor will be about twice that far away.

Taking this into account a dpi setting of ~140-150 will result in a
well readable 10-12pt font. But instead some distributions chose to use
silly values like 3.5 for the terminal font which result in device
dependent settings.

Compare it to a huge billboard advertising: they are printed with very
low dpi but due to the much larger viewing distance this is compensated.

tangoGPS is made to be device independent and given reasonable values
it should always display well.

> Also, while you're at it, the numbers on the scale (bottom
> left corner) have non-transparent background and this covers up a
> little of the map and most of the scale ruler.

This is the same problem, some distributions have insane settings for
the dpi which makes the font appear too big.

> Just a note. ;)

All righty, I'll make it configurable :^)

> Cheers,
> Vasco.


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