2010/1/11 GNUtoo <gnu...@no-log.org>:
>> I'll make that configurable in one of the next versions of tangoGPS.
> hi,Thanks for making tangogps,
> I've also a suggestion, I'd like to be able to configure the speed
> limit(so when the speed goes red), because last time I used
> tangogps(during the last summer hollidays) When I was in a car the speed
> limit was about 50Km/h.That's fine in a city but not on a highway(about
> 130 Km/h in France)

perhaps multi-coloured would be useful?

green or black of it's under the urban limit (configurable), orange if
it's over the urban limit but under the motorway limit (also
configurable), and red if it's over the motorway limit

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