Robin Paulson <> writes:
> 2010/1/11 GNUtoo <>:
> >> I'll make that configurable in one of the next versions of tangoGPS.
> > hi,Thanks for making tangogps,
> > I've also a suggestion, I'd like to be able to configure the speed
> > limit(so when the speed goes red), because last time I used
> > tangogps(during the last summer hollidays) When I was in a car the speed
> > limit was about 50Km/h.That's fine in a city but not on a highway(about
> > 130 Km/h in France)
> perhaps multi-coloured would be useful?
> green or black of it's under the urban limit (configurable), orange if
> it's over the urban limit but under the motorway limit (also
> configurable), and red if it's over the motorway limit

Interesting: I wasn't even aware that the speed-indicator changed
colour at all, because it changes between black and a colour that I
(and many other people) cannot see.

If there was a configuration option, then I might have noticed
the feature that way--and even found it useful :)

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