On Wed, 6 Jan 2010 10:52:13 +0200
"Risto H. Kurppa" <ri...@kurppa.fi> wrote:

> As there are now many Tangogps patches that seem to struggle to get to
> the official tangogps 

Stop your FUDing, Risto. There is a great video about poisonous people
on google lectures made by the devs of svn and you, Risto, are certainly
one of them.

Not enough that you have been harrassing me in private mails to a point
that I was close to stop development on tangoGPS you have now hijacked
#tangogps in freenode against the policies of freenode.net.

You haven't done anything for tangogps but molesting me and spreading
FUD where ever possible. You haven't even done a translation which
needs no programming skills whatsoever.

It is poisous people like you who only talk and demand in an
offensive way but never do anything.

You have aggressed me when I put the donate button on the website but
rest assured I have got less dontations overall than Dr. Lauer has
earned in one single week while working for openmoko. And yet tangogps
is apart from the phone functions the most used app on the Freerunner.

It is poisonous people like you who make developers turn their back to
open source / free software. Nobody likes to constantly being pissed on.

But luckily there are many people who appreciate all the work that
developers of open source / free software do for them. The countless
hours they spend without being paid. The idealism and the motivation
they have.

tangoGPS today is what it is because of it users. Because of those
users that appreciate it. Because of those users who send in their
friendly feedback. Because of those users who do an effort of getting
it to run on an older version of an eeePC. Because of packagers doing a
great job of packaging it. Because of translators translating it.
Because of people writing their experiences with it. Because of people
donating 5$ for buying me a virtual pizza.


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