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On Thu, 7 Jan 2010 23:48:54 +0000
Joseph Reeves <iknowjos...@gmail.com> wrote:

> > I have founded tangogps and spent over 2000 hours of development on
> > it so quite naturally I am the SABDFL of tangogps. And it is a
> > rather successful project: it has been picked up by over 25
> > distributions and it has far more than 100.000 happy users in
> > pretty much every corner of the world.
> I honestly believe that if it wasn't for TangoGPS, and therefore
> yourself Marcus, the initial uptake of the Openmoko devices would have
> been much slower. This community owes a great deal to your hard work.
> OpenStreetMap has probably benefited too as well. TangoGPS
> demonstrated that the Neo1973 and FreeRunner were (are) viable
> platforms and that there was (is) value to be gained from a phone
> running Open Source software. By "demonstrated" I mean that you could
> give the phone to someone, have them walk around outside, and they'd
> come back excited about what could be done.
> I remember getting an engineering sample of the FreeRunner and having
> many email conversations with Markus about getting TangoGPS to run on
> it. It wasn't exactly hard, but I was known to make a mistake or two
> along the way; at least in the end TangoGPS was about the first
> application I ran on the FreeRunner and I was, I think, the first
> person to ever do it. Thankfully Openmoko inc saw the value and sent
> Marcus a phone too.
> Thanks for all your contributions Marcus, we all owe you a lot, even
> if some people fail to realise that.
> Cheers, Joseph

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