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"Risto H. Kurppa" <ri...@kurppa.fi> wrote:

> The community shall be the judge and point me where did I go wrong.

The community did already: Risto Kurppa, you have been sending me your
massively abusive emails after the release of 0.9.3. They were so far
beyond anything acceptable that I 

 a) got a lawyer in Helsinki to deal with you and
 b) informed the Ubuntu Community Council.

The Ubuntu Community Council consists of experienced and well
respected members of the open source community and the council was very
concerned about your behaviour, Risto Kurppa. The reply was written by a
certain well known 'Mark Shuttleworth' from which I guess I can cite the
following quote:

 | Thanks for raising this with us. The language he has used is very
 | unfortunate, it does come across as "I will embarrass you unless you
 | respond the way I want you to", and that's not something we could
 | support in an Ubuntu member.

I have nothing to add to that.

The fact that you have registered #tangogps on freenode against the
policy that only people affiliated with the project shall register a
channel and after your inadequate behaviour in the past is thus pure

Open source / free software is a meritocracy - the more you do for a
project the more you can influence it. Actually writing friendly emails
gains everyone quickly influence. Writing abusive emails like you
did to me a year ago, Risto Kurppa, certainly does not gain you

I have founded tangogps and spent over 2000 hours of development on it
so quite naturally I am the SABDFL of tangogps. And it is a rather
successful project: it has been picked up by over 25 distributions and
it has far more than 100.000 happy users in pretty much every corner of
the world.

Just have a look how many projects are on sourceforge that are 0.0.1
alpha and never took off. I'd say less than 5% of the projects come to
life and stay alive for more than 2 years. It needs dedication, energy
and cojones to get a project off the ground. And a good deal of the
ernergy comes from people using it, from people sending feedback, from
people spreading the word because they like it.

Thanks to all those that have one way or other contributed to tangoGPS
- your energy was and is well appreciated and put to good use :)

Marcus Bauer
Developer of tangoGPS - the fast and user friendly map viewer

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