> Btw, I've been thinking about integrating qtmoko to Debian. Perhaps as a 
> Debian Pure Blend, or even building single packages. I didn't go deeper yet, 
> but will try to share this ideia during Debconf. Actually, pabs mentioned it 
> once to me in some debian irc channel, so strictly speaking it's his idea :) 
> Had anyone here thought the same? It wouldn't change the current upstream 
> development model, so radek and qtmoko contributors don't need to worry. 
> Updating the system would be much easier for users having official Debian 
> packages for qtmoko.
This sounds nice! I coundn't try qtmoko till now because I have a normal
Debian installation with FSO-Stack, Matchbox and Zhone.
Being able to use qtmoko aside would be cool.
Greets and thanks for your work,

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